The Right Approach to Zero Trust for IoT Devices


Networking and security teams have historically relied on protections at the network perimeter to secure the entire enterprise. The internal network was deemed trusted and secure. While everything outside was considered “dirty,” everything on the internal network was considered “clean,” and ap- plication traffic would flow unrestricted. However, recent and developing shifts in enterprise working models are having a far-reaching effect on the traditionally managed network perimeter for security.

The following trends are making organizations reassess their approach to security:

  • Digital transformation: Increased IoT device adoption is helping organizations increase value, productivity, and reduce costs.
  • Cloud migration: More and more devices, managed and unmanaged, are increasingly sending data to the cloud or multicloud.
  • Hybrid work: Employees moving freely on and off the campus network are exposing the corporate network to outside threats.

Read the Forrester Consulting study to learn how you can get consistent security across environments, automatically share intelligence between technologies, and simplify policy creation across intrusion prevention (IPS), malware analysis (sandboxing), web security (SWG), SaaS security (CASB) and IoT.

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