The Business Value of Red Hat Certification


The Business Value of Red Hat Certification

Red Hat has firmly established itself as a preferred delivery vehicle for modern applications and as a platform for cloud infrastructure. The trust Red Hat has earned has been developed by building ecosystems, rich application portfolios, a reliable environment that offers scale and security, and robust application support that enterprise customers require. These benefits aren’t simply built into the tools and applications. These capabilities are enabled by well-skilled developers, administrators, and infrastructure management teams. Previous IDC research found that training impacted IT professionals consistently and increases both individual capability and the ultimate business value of the supported technology. This research extends that exploration into the business value of Red Hat Certification and the impact Red Hat–Certified IT professionals can have on IT operations and on infrastructure costs.

IDC interviewed organizations with IT staff members who earn and keep current with Red Hat Certifications. These Red Hat customers emphasized that certified staff differentiate themselves from other employees in terms of both skills and organizational value. They noted that they have greater confidence that certified staff can handle more challenging and complex tasks. The certified staff’s increased capability also translates into higher productivity levels.

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