Protecting Applications, Data, and Users with Next-Generation CASB


The rapid adoption of cloud and establishment of hybrid work have become the new pervasive trends as companies look to continue their digital transformations. Unfortunately, these changes make it difficult for security teams to efficiently and effectively maintain visibility, compliance, and security across the organization. In part to address these issues, secure access service edge (SASE) has emerged as a consolidation point for protecting distributed workers, data, and applications, with CASB as a focal point of the architecture.

In order to be an effective component of SASE, CASB must evolve to better support zero-trust initiatives, protect applications by detecting and remediating misconfigurations, prevent data leakage and abuse by insiders, and block sophisticated attacks as they occur. Palo Alto Networks offers a Next-Generation CASB as part of its Prisma Access solution, and enables organizations to secure all their SaaS access, SaaS applications, and data and prevent threats.

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