5 Must-Haves to Look For in a Best-in-Class IoT Security Solution


IoT Adoption is Growing in the Enterprise

Companies that successfully integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) into their business models stand to reap huge benefits for their own internal processes, employees and customers.

While some of the most striking benefits of IoT revolve around business process efficiency, productivity, and cost reduction, an increasing number of enterprises are also recognizing IoT as an extraordinary source of intelligence into how their products are really changing the lives of their employees and customers.

This is due to the fact that the true value of enterprise IoT comes from data. Insights derived from IoT-generated data are proving to be invaluable to business decision makers.

More than 30% of all network-connected endpoints are IoT devices at the average enterprise today. Needless to say, these numbers are projected to keep growing—and exclude mobile devices. A report by Gartner predicts adoption of IoT endpoints to soar to 5.81 billion this year.


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